Submission deadline is August 31, 2016


The application process is a two-step qualification process.
First, applicants must submit the essay along with the recommendation letters.
Secondly, Candidates who are selected after the essay evaluation will be required to submit additional information to verify their financial needs.

Applicants are required to submit a 500 word essay prior to submitting an application. The essay should describe who you are, give a compelling reason why the selection committee should award you the scholarship, and discuss how you plan to give back to your community when the time comes that you are able to do so.

Yes. Your application package should include letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, supervisors, mentors, and others who know you well. The selection committee wants to know what these individuals have to say about you. Submission of up to five (5) letters of recommendation is recommended. You should choose these individuals carefully; people who know you well and will take the time to write an informative letter for the committee to review.

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