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Through Geeks and Nerds Scholarships, we have provided scholarships at 14 universities, colleges, and junior colleges. Even though these scholarships met critical financial needs for many students in pursuit of degrees, we believe that a segment of population would benefit even more. This segment of population includes

adults who are seeking opportunities to better themselves, not necessarily though the formal 4-year college programs. We believe that many of us go through rough patches in life. We, at Geeks and Nerds Foundation, want to assist those who have commitment and desire to better themselves.

“I would like to thank you for this award and will not disappoint you.  The road is long and I know it will be hard sometimes, but when I receive help it lets me know that I can keep on going.”

Board Members


Dr. Jonn Kim is the founder and CEO of Geeks and Nerds Corporation. In addition to his commitment to the company, he is dedicated to serving the community through the Foundation as well as philanthropic activities. He is also a frequent lecturer on entrepreneurship at universities. He is a winner of Huntsville Russel Brown Executive Leader (2014), University of Alabama Huntsville Alumni Achievement, IEEE Professional of the Year (2013), Huntsville HASBAT Professional of the Year (2013). He received PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt, and MS/BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Alabama Huntsville. Dr. Kim currently serves on the Engineering Industry Advisory Board for Vanderbilt University and University of Alabama Huntsville.


Mr. Charlie Vaughn has over 50 years of experience in leadership. During his tenure, he has held positions as the President of CAS, Senior VP of Wyle. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board (Progress Bank), and a board member for numerous organizations including GaN, N-Logic, Quantitech, and Huntsville Hospital Foundation. He received Masters in Operational Research and Management Science from Tulane University and BS in Statistics from University of Alabama.


Dr. Ken Fernandez, after joining NASA in 1968, held technical and management positions starting from the Saturn V and Apollo programs. Dr. Fernandez held various management positions including verification manager for the Space Station Freedom program, and manager for the Technology Utilization Office. He is currently employed at Geeks and Nerds Corporation as a Senior Technologist. He received BS from Northwestern University PhD in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt.


Brandon Smith, CPA, is a Partner of the ARSA Solutions group at Anglin · Reichmann · Snellgrove & Armstrong. He has extensive experience in industry and public accounting and government contracting. He received his Master of Accountancy and BS in MIS/CIS from the University of Alabama-Huntsville. Brandon is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants, and is a graduate of Upstream Academy’s Emerging Leaders Academy.


Mr. Vijay Patel has over 30 years in management in hospitality industry. Upon graduation from college, he began his career in real estate and hospitality industry, and has successfully grew his business into multi-state enterprise. He is an active alumni member of University of Alabama Huntsville. He received BS in Accounting from University of Alabama in Huntsville.




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